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Custom Artificial Florals

We have a wide range of custom artifical florals from arrangements to bridal bouquets. Let us arrange one for you.

Custom Floral Creation Guide
Style: What describes your decor style - country, traditional, contemporary, natural, simple or full and complex? Whate kind of flowers do you like to use -- wild and natural, cultivated and delicate, home-grown, or tropical? Describe to use your furnishings, window treatments, wall decor or other major focal points in the room you'll be using this arrangement. A photo from a magazine or even a sketch of your own will be helpful and give us an idea of your tates and preferences.

Color: Do you like a mix of many complementary colors, strong contrasting colors, or do you prefer a tonal mix of the same colors? One color, two, three, or more? The best way to get an exact color match is to provide a sample. But, remember exact matching may not be possible. We can promise a close and complimentary tonal match. We often suggest using a variety of shades of the the desired color which is actually a very natural and eye-pleasing solution!
Inagine a solid color Bouquet in front of a solid color wall, couch or dress -- both in the exact same color. The flowers will blend right in and become invisible. consider a lighter or darker shade -- or a mix of shades to accentuate and compliment, rather than blend and fade. If everything in the room is exactly the same tone, shade or color, nothing will stand out and make a statement. One customer professed, "The only statement this room makes is "blah!" Even though it was filled with many lovely and expensive items, her colors were too much alike. Adding a few touches of another color (we used yellow-gold pottery and red flowers in a sage colored room), really livened up the room and made her other pieces become noticeable.

Texture, density and shape: Flowers and arrangements can be smooth, even, spiky, wispy, compact, or airy. What are your favorite flowers, regardless of color? Arrangements can be columnar, fan-shaped, tight and compact or have long trailing pieces. They can be designed with a definite front and back or to be viewed from all sides.

Size and Container: Where wil this piece be used? Will it be a focal point or an accent piece?
How big is the table, wall or door it will be placed on? How high are the ceilings? How full is the room? What other items will be placed around or near the arrangement? Do you want the container to be part of the overall image? If so, then what kind of container needs to be found?

Accessories: Do you like the use of either ribbons or raffia? Would you like a bow in or on the arrangement? If you like ribbon and it fits your decor, it can be used in other ways besides or in addition to a bow. It can be made into randomly place loops, woven in or around the arrangement, added as streamers to trail down or around the piece or used as a hanger for wall pieces. Similar things can be done with wired beads, pearls, and colored metallic wires. And, there are butterflies and birds and sometimes more to add if you like! Gliltter words are lots of fun, too. These are white, black and/or red glitter word ornaments, such as "It's a Girl", "Happy Birthday", "Over the Hill", "Enjoy", "Thank you", "Faith", "Hugs" and more that add fun and meaning to nearly any arrangement or gift.